My 6 year old son

by Dawn
(Nottingham, UK)

I have four boys in total, three of which are school age, 3, 6 and 8. My 6 year old has always had issues with control right from being in nappies. He was extremely difficult to control when trying to do a simple change of nappy. He has always had sensory issues and on assessment these are hypo. He has been assessed for ADHD and autistic traits but has just been said not to have these. However, his anger issues still continue, he still tries to take control, makes silly annoying noises and has tics which the paediatrician says is all part of his behavioural pattern and will eventually fade as he gets older.

I am awaiting dates for a 1-2-3 magic program which is designed to help parents to gain higher parenting skills in the hope that this will give me a better insight into how we can change the way we parent to support him and hopefully take a more positive effective approach towards controlling certain situations.

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