My 7yo son is being pigeon holed at school for possbile ADD/ADHD.

by Jen, Luke's mom
(Clay County, Florida)

I am an RN. My 7yo son, IQ 165, is being pigeon holed at school for possible ADD/ADHD because he chews constantly on EVERYTHING and has impulsivity issues. NO behavioral issues. I believe he is hypo SI. The school wants me to take him to an MD for possible meds.

He already sees speech therapy and the OT for hand writing issues. He's having difficulty reading, 10 words a minute. He told me he sees sentences in triple. But when asked what the paragraph, he's just read, is about he can tell you exactly what it is. Answers all questions about it correctly.

I told a room full of teachers to "suck it up, he wasnt going to be put on meds. I do not believe he has ADD/ADHD. They'd have to figure out how to deal with him." They had the teacher and I fill out the same questionnaire for ADD/ADHD. He only scored 2 points in to the yes because of impulsivity! How can they not see that it's SI??

The boy is calm emotionally, loving, NEVER angry, just can't stop moving. I have started to put him in a giant bean bag chair at night and he is so peaceful then. He does CONSTANTLY have something in his mouth. I even had the teacher use gum as a reward for sitting still and it works! And also a chew bracelet.

The OT will NOT tell me if I am right with the SI. I realize she can't diagnose legally. But I know that I am correct!!!It's so frustrating to know what you are seeing especially as a nurse who works and helps people everyday and not be able to get people to talk to you as a nurse. When it's about my child I'm left in the dark!

What is my next step?

This boy is amazing but does not understand his body at all. . HELP I don't know where to go next! Lead me I will follow!

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