My 7yr old has SPD and has eating problem looking for suggestions

by Kevin

I have a 7 yr. old girl that has SPD,mixed receptive /expressive language disorder,and borderline intellectual functioning. We finally found what was wrong about a year ago but she has been taking speech therapy in school since preschool and now she is in first grade.She has taken some OT over the summer and now starting some in school plus some at local hospital.Her problem is eating at times and it started in pre school. We did have little trouble before but not like this but during the first few months of school we could only get her to eat pudding and pedia sure then she would start eating regular normal foods until grade K came around and it started again.

Same thing happens we are going through it again in first grade she would put noddles in her mouth now and spit it out say its hard but now she eats inside of pizza rolls and pedia sure and thats it .Just wondering if there is any ideas out there the Dr. thinks it might be anxiety of school causing it but is looking into it.When she was a baby she only ate deserts nothing textured or she would choke but when she was a toddler she ate fine but every now and then she would say she choked. But when school started it likes it triggers something and We didnt no if thats it the Dr. told us not sure but good possibility. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You

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Nov 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

I would like to bear my testimony: I state that we live in Europe, and in my family are two cases of children with severe problems of food selectivity, with perception problems of hunger, as well as other climatic temperature sensitivity, noise, light etc. etc.. everything associated with irritability, difficulty to the rules and anxiety. diagnosis is autism spectrum disorder. There is little attention From Health to these problems and ASD is mainly behavioral therapy and for those who can afford it, they are paid by families.

Nov 08, 2012
Eating and SPD
by: Janice

My son (now 8)becomes very anxious during school and his SPD flair up...he is sensitive to noise (says we eat loud) and is more aggressive trying to push the stimulus away. I found out he had only been eating peanut butter and jelly at school all last year and was shocked. At home in a calmer environment he will eat almost anything unless he is tired and then his hypersensitivity flairs up. We have started anxiety medicine (Intunive - a low blood pressure medicine but for child anxiety) and he has become a new little man. He will eat anything, do homework, and he SPD/hyposensitivity is lessened. Maybe you could get her to eat the variety at the times of day where is she is most calm and has the least stimulation...or choose similar textures like pudding - protein powdered smoothies, etc...Good luck and know you are on the right track with this type of research.

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