My 8 year old child

by Christina
(Fort Stewart ga)

Okay so my 8 year old just got diagnosed with anxiety on top of already having ADHD but and a learning disability and he also always has problems sleeping. I feel like he is taking too much different meds right now. And that their has got to be some kind of diagnosis and medicine that he will only have to take on pill not 4 different ones. And also since he has been taking the Zoloft he is getting worse like peeing in the bed ,pooping next to the bed and hiding under his bed,being more defiant to everyone at home at school and at home.

But before taking zoloft and present he pees all over the bathroom on purpose, very impulsive, scratching all the time,hard for him to make friends ,hitting other kids,blurts out all the time disrupting people all the time. I just don't know what to do. Ive tried solo many different mess and tried talking to him and asking him why he does these thing, he don't know je say,or making him write sentences,taking everything fro. Him,putting him in the corner....I just don't know what to do......I'm going crazy with this kid!!what should I do?

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