My 9 year old Daughter is stealing!

by kleo
(cambridgeshire, UK)

Hi My daughter has SPD(sensory seeker)and emotional management issues, Proprioceptive and sleep issues. shes also under review for ADHD and possible autism. She is 9 yrs old but with a developmental age of 6, she has lots of sensory issues were combating at home and in school but our biggest worry is the fact that she's stealing. It started about a year and a half ago.

We are trying to get to the bottom of it but we still have no idea why she is doing it. The other day she was given her 4th red card since the beginning of term for stealing sweets off of a display in school. She was very upset and apologetic and it was very upsetting for me as well as it happened in front of other children and parents at the classroom door. I have tried talking to her but she just tells me she doesn't know why. she had time out in her room with no TV and had a massive meltdown after telling me she was going to try to be good and not do it again. What can i do to help her i feel like we aren't getting anywhere. I feel like i'm losing my little girl. I have 3 other kids and i am worried they will pick up bad habit's. she see's a councilor in school and has talk time she see's the pediatrician and OT what else can be done. The school have asked me all sorts like are there problems at home etc but honestly we have a very happy home all my children seem happy my marriage is good and we are not aware of any problems in school as we have weekly updates with the teacher she has a strict iep and does sensory circuit i'm so lost i don't know what to do!

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Nov 02, 2013
I would recommend consulting with a psychologist
by: Anonymous

Stealing seems like more of an impulse control disorder than a sensory disorder.

Oct 28, 2013
by: Patricia

No, worries my daughter is now 11 went through that stealing at age 4. Get her into OT to help out with her sensory diet. For her to understanding her sensory diet and the sensory diet to be at school. Give her a big hug! Ask her at the time she feels like stealing what is her body, mind telling her?

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