My 9 yr old boy

by Jackie

My son has not had a lot of these symptoms until he was 71/2.. Can this show up suddenly? He is in counseling now and I am told he is a highly sensitive child. There is a book on this which as also been helpful on understanding certain's so hard and frustrating to feel like your the only one..Clearly I'm not. Mother's don't want to share these issues a lot of times but it would help all of us cope better.

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Mar 22, 2015
Advice Wanted to Help Our 6 Year Old Who Can't Bear Certain Clothes
by: Anonymous

My son will be 7 in July and for the last couple of years has found socks with seams and some shoes unbearable. Recently, the issue has become far worse and he is finding more items of clothing unbearable eg boxer shorts, school trousers, shoes. He needs to wear his uniform for school but it is becoming a nightmare getting him to wear it. We had an OT assess him and she confirmed that he has issues with proprioception and also tactile sensitivity. We are trying all the heavy lifting, bouncing etc but the situation seems to be getting worse. He is also finding games lessons in PE quite trying as his motor skills are a little behind. We know with practice and repetition these will improve but we just want to do as much as possible to help our son.

I wondered if anyone had any advice as to ways to overcome this problem and get him to feel less anxious in general about dressing. Please can anyone help?

My husband and I would do anything do alleviate our son's distress and help him to feel more comfortable. He has always been such a happy, enthusiastic little boy but I fear that this is affecting his self-esteem and confidence.
We are already feeling overwhelmed and just want to hear from anyone who has any success stories in helping to turn a similar situation around.

Aug 02, 2012
My 8 yr old boy
by: Janice

Can you share the book name and author with me? We purchased several book for kids on SPD so I am hoping the info will sink in...he doesn't have a reaction like I would have expected..."oh, this boy has what I have"...but regardless I am glad we found these books.

I am hoping you book will help me deal with his sensitivity to people and what he perceives they are feeling about him. My biggest issue is that he will not take instruction from his teachers, and get quickly wound up around feeling like a failure. Thanks in advance. So glad you posted!

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