My Child Might Have SPD, Now What?

by Nancy
(Avon, Colorado)

I wonder if my child has SPD. He has a few symptoms but not all from one category. He has been observed by a local organization and they think it's a possibility. The real problem is my son has meltdowns. Not all the time but enough for his pre-school teachers to be concerned. He is in pre-k and will be starting Kindergarten next year. Basically, he re-acts to "no" and does not handle it well. Which could just be a symptom of not being raised properly, right?

Yet, I'm told he is a leader in school but will meltdown because he can't find his shoes, or, is last getting a rain maker in circle. Then, he might go a whole week with no meltdowns. He does have the tendency to jump up and down while walking back and forth sometimes. When I ask him what he's doing, he will say "I'm excited and thinking about...". Sometimes I think, this can't be normal to be this emotional. Other times I think, he just has a strong personality and deals with things this way. He's very smart, athletic, and friendly.

I'm scared though. Next year is Kindergarten, what if they can't handle him? I'm not sure what to do. People keep telling me they think something is wrong with him but no one seems to be able to pin down the issue exactly. What do I do?

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Apr 05, 2009
This is my story too

You need to get him evaluated now so they he can start occupational therapy. My son is in Pre K and was having the same issues. I pulled him from one preschool because they would do things just to pacify him and not try to find out what the true problem was. My pediatrician gave us a referral to a local organization called Easter Seals. They evaluated him and he is now receiving occupational therapy.

My son used to not be able to handle no or things that were not "perfect" to him or if he felt like it was not up to him own impossible standard. OT has been a God send. I now have him in the Pre-K at the Eater Seals and they know exactly how to handle children with sensory issues. He uses ear phones at circle time to help him with his auditory sensitivities, he uses a weighted vest when he is required to sit for long periods of time. They allow him to pack his lunch so he wont have issues with the way there provided lunches are prepared.

He will start Kindergarten in the Fall and I have already been in contact with the local school district to start the process of making sure the school is able to accommodate him. My son is very cognitively bright so that adds an extra challenge because he can get bored with things that the other children still need to learn and he already knows.

I put my email address at the top of this note. If you want to contact me contact me directly maybe I can help you since I have just gone through this exact thing. Good Luck.

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