My daughter and me

by candy

Auditory-Language Processing Dysfunction:

__ unable to locate the source of a sound

__ difficulty identifying people's voices

__ difficulty discriminating between sounds/words; i.e., "dare" and "dear"

_xx_ difficulty filtering out other sounds while trying to pay attention to one person talking

_xx_ bothered by loud, sudden, metallic, or high-pitched sounds

_xx_ difficulty attending to, understanding, and remembering what is said or read; often asks for directions to be repeated and may only be able to understand or follow two sequential directions at a time

_x_ looks at others to/for reassurance before answering

XXX difficulty putting ideas into words (written or verbal)

_xx_ often talks out of turn or "off topic"

_x_ if not understood, has difficulty re-phrasing; may get frustrated, angry, and give up

_x_ difficulty reading, especially out loud (may also be dyslexic)

__ difficulty articulating and speaking clearly

__ ability to speak often improves after intense movement ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The one x mean i have this problem,2 x's mean both me and Angelique have this,the XXX means that is the thing that we both struggle with the most

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