My daughter was just diagnosed and I thought I'd do the adult checklist...... WOW am I surprised!!

by Sally

My 7 year old daughter has been misdiagnosed for the last 4 years. We have been told she was having separation anxiety (although we were not going anywhere) to being told she is just willful! Now after all this time of telling them - she tried to get away from us - literally GET AWAY FROM US - at 6 and 8 weeks old..... and we would say "where on earth does she think she could possibly go.... she can't move on her own" she didn't want to be cuddled - but we didn't know that - we didn't understand that was what was happening!

She is currently in counseling because anytime I even start to raise my voice she covers her head like I'm coming after her to hit her. And we do not hit/spank in our home....we strictly discipline with 'time~out'...So, I have been SO BOTHERED by this I put her in counseling - thinking something must have happened to her - that maybe I don't know about??? maybe somebody did hit her??? Well, my mother, who sounds identical to me - she reacts the exact same way to her - and ONLY the two of us - if our voices are raised.... I'm not sure if it stems from the uterus?? and has something to do with the pitch of my voice???

SO...finally she has an actual diagnosis - I am so happy for her - It kills me to see her struggle - to look at me and run to the corner when it's time to brush her hair in the morning before school :( So, I came upon this website and decided to do the adult checklist, to see if I had any of them - since it appears it could be genetic....WELL, wasn't I shocked to find out that my husband and myself had MANY of the symptoms on the checklist... and as I read it off to my mother - she too has many of the symptoms... So I have found wonderful information from this website - thank you so very much!!

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Jan 19, 2010
more support
by: Anonymous

I wonder why it is not possible for a sensory disorder specialist is available through this site to give practical advice and support to parents in order to better address the many challenges daily with their children.ed avoid misunderstandings about an issue that should be included soon.

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