My daughter will not wear a nappy anymore

by Sarah T
(United Kingdbom)


My daughter is severely autistic, has no speech and language, behavioral difficulties and needs constant watching in order to keep her safe and well. Up until about 2 months ago - she was fairly calm and compliant (on low dose of Risperidone) - but then began to tear at her clothing.

This progressed to a refusal to wear her nappy. She is still weeing and pooing, but in her pants and refuses to use the loo, or wear a pad of any kind. As you can imagine it is really hard to keep her and the home clean. Worse still - she is aggressive and destructive and often don't want to wear knickers either. This is restricting where she can go out of the home - so she spends days in bed, upset. Bare in mind, I cant reason with her.

The Shrink gave her Abilify - which I think is making her worse. She was tapered off the Risperidone. It don't help that this new drug is giving her Diarrhea. The quality of her life has really deteriorated since all this began and so as ours - it is heartbreaking. The doc has examined her, and nothing seems to be medically amiss. I've tried every behavioral technique known to man - but nothing seems to be helping. I really would appreciate any advice or suggestions. I feel the professionals haven't helped me at all.

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