My daughter

My daughter was diagnosed officially with dyslexia at 9 having struggled at school since 4 years. She was diagnosed as ADHD at 10years, prescribed Ritalin - which she wouldn't take or would hide and spit out when out of the house. She was, and can still be "clumsy" and often spills drinks and falls over. We also had her tested for auditory problems where they said she was slightly hearing impaired - although i have nevr been convinced. Any physical touch has to be on her terms and she often seems incapable of showing empathy for others. She is now 22 and has had several jobs as a hairdresser and now works as a barperson. She can and does make life very difficult for those around her because of her mood swings and seeming inability to do as she is asked. She exhibits anger and frustration often and is verbally abusive to both me and my husband - its getting so bad that we want her to move out of the family home, but i know that due to the issues she has she will find it difficult to manage on her own. I'm in a no win situation. Any help or advice would be great.

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