My experience

by Nick
(New Jersey )

I'm a victim of spd's. I have been diagnosed with autism when I was 4, depression when I was 13, ASPD when I was 15, and auditory processing disorders when I was 6.

I have always been unable to sit upright, stand still for anymore than a minute without collapsing from exhaustion sometimes falling unconscious, ran into people and objects constantly, and constantly broke stuff by simple clumsiness.

my dreams of becoming a scientist are severely affected by not being able to handle glassware without it breaking in a week due to either holding it to hard or having it shatter on the work bench due to miscalculating my trajectory of transferring the beakers from one area to another. I one time needed to get stitches because it nearly severed my thumb.

I constantly spill stuff, accidentally start fires, or unintentionally mix things that I don't want being mixed. My mom always said that I was being overdramatic or just have far to much energy to do anything useful which causes much hatred within the family to this day. I now understand why I am as clumsy and annoying as I am.

I always knew something was deeply wrong that wasn't getting any attention but now I know what it is. If it wasn't for this I would never know the reason why I am so debilitated by even the most simple tasks

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