My first little boy

by Janique

My son, who is 6 yrs. old now, hit all of his milestones up until about 3 yrs. old. I look back now that I've discovered Sensory Processing Disorder and he always loved to rock in his swing when he was a baby, and as a toddler he was always in his bouncer. "We simply called him "Tigger" and thought it was cute... he would always jump on the couch and on the beds..we've replaced several bed frames over the, of course he was just our bundle of energy..boys will be boys..ya know!

Anyway, he stopped talking and looking us in the eye around 3 yrs. old and playing by himself, lining up his cars in rows. My mom first took me aside and said I think he has Autism. So, of course being a new mom and wanting the best for my child..I took him to see a well respected diagnostic place, "Child Find" they tested him with his abilities and behaviors and said "Yes, he has Autism" and I wasn't stunned..but, of course was on a war path to get him help. I took him to a Developmental Pediatrician who said he doesn't have Autism, he has Global developmental Delay (learning disability) and I should put him in an Autistic classroom. It has helped him gain all of his speech back and he doesn't have the typical Autistic behavior.

Although, he gets frustrated easily at things that many people wouldn't find disturbing and he needs time to process his thoughts to say what he wants and hates when he gets interrupted (Don't we all, lol). He loves to

run,jump,rock,swing,etc..always moving and he always has something in this mouth to lick or chew on. "The other day he had a bolt in his mouth and brought it to my attention"...scared me to death. I try to get him to understand these things have lots of germs and he shouldn't put them in his mouth. I have given in to his energy and allowed him to run the yard like a track and jump on our king sized bed until he wears out...those things are harmless and helpful. He does still get very frustrated at times and can get violent outbursts if he gets overwhelmed.

I have had my eyes opened to this Sensory Processing Disorder and he fits like a glove into the Hypo-sensitive category for the Oral fixations and into the Propriceptive Dysfunction as Under Responsive "Sensory Seeking"...It was like a Lightbulb in my head and I took it straight to our Pediatrician and he gave me such VALIDATION that he agreed it wasn't AUTISM and that he thought is was SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER..I was so happy that he took me seriously, not just brushed me off..and he got me a referral to an Occupational Therapist next month. I can't wait to see if they can help my son. I love him so much and I WILL DO ANYTHING TO HELP HIM BE THE BEST MAN HE CAN BE!!!!!!!

I hope this helps anyone else that may feel that they are only Mom's or Dad's and they haven't been your own advocate and don't give up until you get the answers that the questions in your gut are asking!!!

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