by Heidi Miller
(Troutville Va)

I know my child has a SID of some form. I have read about this since he was 3 and have been trying to get some type of treatment for him or help in a logic form. The other day his Dr called after he had a speech study done and asked how I felt about putting my son on Prozac. Come on, Prozac. Coke and Dope a 5 year old cause he wouldn't sit still for 2 and a half hours while some strange lady asked him to play with barbies.

I sat with my son while they tried to get him to engage in "house play" Mommy daddy baby. The examiner would not let my son turn off the lights in bright doctors office and open the door. She also never once asked if he wanted to jump on the trampoline that was right outside the door. She never tried putting a weighted blanket on his lap to help him sit still. Her words were Chandler if you sit still we will be able to finish quicker.

Now 3 days later I get a call from his Doctor (not the person who did the test) and her recommendation is Prozac. My son was not diagnosed with any disorder yet. They have tried ODD OCD and Anxiety Disorder. They want to prescribe medicine but not give a diagnoses.

Now here is the fun part my insurance will not cover OT! That's right if my son does have some form of SID then I can't get him help.

My son has the hypo-responsive SID but some days it's not as bad as others. I am looking into sugar and his response to it over a 2 day period. Hoping there is come connecting but then again not because how do you tell a 5 year old he can't have cake it has sugar in it.

Chandler started walking at 9 months he didn't speak until he was 3. Not even mommy. Chandler has so many Sensory sensitives/non sensitives that I could go on for days. Right now our main one is picking his nose and eating what comes out. I am not talking just a kid eating buggers. I am saying my child has picked his nose so much his nose has a slit in the corner from his finger be in it so much. He is also dealing with a peeing habit at the moment, he pees every 30 mins to an hour. As soon a drink hit his bladder he has to get it


I am tired and frustrated with my son, myself, his doctors and the school.

I did have him tested at school but they found him to be above his grade level so academically there is nothing wrong. He is fine at school so his teacher says. But as you and I know Kindergarten is packed full of sensory filled activities. Fifteen min sessions each then switch. The only thing Chandler does not like in school is computer lab "because it's so long". Not sure why really I think it was some thing to do with wearing the ear phones and lights and the computer screens all at one time. Though he does go cause he is scared that "the principle will get him".

The scary part my son escapes from me. I have to watch his every move. I seen him pushing the buttons in an elevator one day and he walked right in it. Down went the elevator and I went racing down 3 flights of stairs. I was on the ground level where I figured he would go to see the water fountain. To my horror he was not there but I could hear him screaming from within the elevator not inside it but in the shaft. I got the doors to open and asked him to clam down. He told me he was stuck inside the elevator and could not get out. I am in the elevator so I know he can't be there. I called 911 and had to have the fire department find my son. Needless to say he was on the basement level and could not push the large medal doors open to walk back up the steps. This was age 3.

Now we have extrema problems about holding hands it's always to tight. No matter how you hold his hand it's to tight. The other day I was holding his arm trying to get him to put on a jacket on in 30 weather he pulled away from me and stepped in front of a car that was 3 inches from his face. He didn't get hit but my heart broke at that moment I do not feel I can no longer protect my child. I can't provide care for him and I don't know how to get him the help he needs.

So now with all this information. Wouldn't it be illegal for the insurance company not to cover my sons OT because it is interfering with his LIFE and could cause his death if he continues without treatment?

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Aug 13, 2016
Do you know the social signs of OCD?

Hi Heidi,

First off, I came across your site and wanted to say thanks for providing a great OCD resource to the community.

I thought you might find this infographic interesting, as it shows detailed information about the social signs of OCD to look for, and has proved to be a great hit with our readers:

Naturally, Iā€™d be delighted if you share this embeddable graphic on , and/or share it with your followers on social. Either way, keep up the great work Heidi!

All the best,

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Oct 01, 2013
Autism assessment?
by: Anonymous

To be honest from what your writing and also all the umbrella symptoms that seem like odd e.t.c along with sids makes me think he needs assessing for autism. Have you queried this with the doctor?

Apr 19, 2010
in regards to, My OCD ODD SID ADHD SON
by: Anonymous

Occupational Therapy in the schools is a related service. It does not stand on its own. In other words, if he does not qualify for special education, he cannot get OT. However, OT can be provided using a 504 plan. we have done this many times in our schools. You must get a diagnosis from the doctor and then have the doctor state how this diagnosis is effecting his education.(in the schools, it has to be related to his education, not his daily activities)The diagnosis does not have to be SID; it can be OCD which is what you seem to be describing here or ADHD. Hope this works for you. By the way, I am an OT with 30 years experience in the schools and have my SIPT certification

Mar 10, 2010
School system or insurance appeal
by: Anonymous

Could you do an appeal through your insurance company, or find out if the school system is able to cover the OT treatment, under an IEP. Also, would your insurance company cover OT treatment for any of the other things that are troubling your son right now, as apposed to the sensory? If he is over age 3, he should at the very least get treatment through the school system, right?

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