My on going miracle baby

by Tanya Wilson
(Ajax, Canada)

My daughter Abigail was born two weeks early. But let's go back before she was born. While in labor she decided to fall asleep constantly. They gave me orange juice to keep her awake. Then while crowning she decided to go back into the womb. They vacuumed her out. Once out she just wanted to sleep. I needed to wake her up every three hours or she would just keep sleeping. Wanted nothing to do with the world around her.

At 6 months seemed to be ok. Then at nine months everything went wrong. Not gaining weight, still wanting to sleep. Was sent to sick kids to find a solution. Then sent to Grandview Children's centre. Finally diagnosed her with SPD at 2 and half. But we didn't know what that meant. She was assigned a therapist who explained it to us. Wow did it all make sense now. why she wouldn't sit at the table to eat, why she doesn't eat much, why noise and touch bothered her.

She now gets Sensory therapy once a month which is ending soon because she has used up all her sessions, even though she requires more. We have been told she has severe SPD and will require therapy for a long time. She also gets massages every three weeks to maintain her nervous system. so yes children with SPD are a challenge but are a special gift given to us to look after.

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