My Sensitive Child

by Andrea
(Cape Town South Africa)

My daughter Faith

My daughter Faith

Hi,I wonder if you can give me some feedback, my child has SPD, slight with Touch wants deep pressure as well as problem with auditory, although it is not major, she is a very emotional child and gets very sensitive about alot of stuff i am presuming this has got to do with the spd. I usually just try and re assure her and give as much love as possible and give her her weighted blanket to put on to calm her down. She is so connected to my feelings, it is like if i am in a bad mood so is she and she thrives on hugs and kisses and us been around. Mondays are a bad day for school as she starts to cry a bit cause she says she is going miss us so much. Please tell me if i am doing the right thing and how to deal with a child that is so hyper sensitive even when someone jokes with her.

Her name is Faith and she is 9 in July.

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