My sensitivities

by Jan

I do not have a diagnosis of SPD, but I think I have many of the symptoms.

Mostly, I am bothered by clothing. I have to have loose fitting, soft clothing that is a little stretchy, like T-shirt material. I will buy things a size too big so they are not touching my body so tightly.

Bed sheets cannot have any wrinkles! Bottom or top sheets! I will remake the bed before getting in if I have to. I cannot get to sleep if the seams on my pajamas are off center, or if any part of them are too tight on my body. For example, if I roll over, I have to spend quite a bit of time getting the pajamas straight, as well as the sheets.

I do not like feeling anything on my hands. Lotion is horrible. Any food on my hands is horrible. I wash my hands after reading the newspaper because I can "feel" the print. If a waitress brings dessert and the fork or spoon has any food on the handle, I have to either ask for another, or try to clean it with the napkin.

I can feel it if another person has had their hands on my car steering wheel. It feels grimy and dirty.

When standing in a crowd, or in a line, I can't be within a foot of anyone or I can "feel" them.

Thanks for the opportunity to share without someone saying it's not real! For me, those sensations are very real!

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