My sensory processing disorder at the age of 20 years old

by Sam
(Long Beach, California, United States)

I have been battling ADHD and some other weird issues as well just not sure what they are which i believe are sensory issues. I always have to touch everything whether its my body parts or other things always smelling things always touching people can't seem to ever stop touching things or smell things.

In addition, I can never relax somewhere whenever i go places i get distracted by too many people around or noise always get super distracted can't ever focus. When driving I have problems seeing the cars around me I have tunnel vision, always get distracted don't see everything around me miss a lot of visual detail which makes me super nervous.

In addition, I am always fidgeting and can't never sit still and I never feel comfortable going out alone always having to scan things to see where things are or just cannot focus on my own thing feel very tense and anxious! I also have to always have a straw or a nail in my mouth and have to bite on it to feel good or relax myself. Always having to relax myself to feel better lots of self-talk.

Im 20 years old with a lot of intelligence but these issues are hindering my success and making it difficult to succeed in life and feel comfortable and if anyone knows any specialist in the long beach California area or orange county california or Los Angeles County to help me out please let me know?

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