My sensory story

I'm 17 but will almost be 18. I have sensory problems to several things.

I don't like tight clothing it hurts (I've tried jeans and they were tight).

It hurts me when I hear singing, humming or whistling( I can listen to instrumental music). When I go to places where there's music I have to wear ear plugs or head phones to the point where I can't hear it at all because even if I hear it quieter it still hurts.

I don't like sudden sounds and loud noises.

I don't like fancy clothes or jewelery(dresses, skirts,etc.).

I don't like certain textures in foods such as mashed potatoes.

My stomach is very sensitive. It hurts if someone touches my stomach or to lay on it. I also have to be careful when I eat because it can hurt when I eat certain foods.

I don't like hugs and kisses. When someone tries to hug me I turn to the side(this also might have to do with my stomach sensitivity).

I don't like getting my finger nails cut it hurts.

I don't like crowds.

I don't like hand shakes or high fives(when someone tries to shake my hand I've currently been shaking closer to the arm more than the hand. whenever someone tries to give me a high five I would give them a fist-bump.

It hurts certain spots of my body when I take a shower(It doesn't hurt everywhere like my hair doesn't hurt when I wash it).

I also have a dog and I've been able to notice that we are similar in behavior. In sensory we both don't like front hugs because when I try to hug her she turns away just like I do. My dog also doesn't like getting her nails cut. My dog doesn't like any kind of clothing(With me it's not all types of clothing that I don't like.). When someone tries to put on clothing she tries and takes it off.

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Jan 24, 2014
My daughter has spd sensory seeking
by: Kelly

Thanks for sharing. It helps us understand. Warm wishes.

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