My son aged 2.8 yrs old is kind of putting nails, thumbtacks and other things on his mouth

I am a mother of three. My eldest started talking late when she was 4. I think because of so many languages she hears but she's5 now and is on kindergarten. my 2nd child is aged 2.8 yrs old doesnt really talk. I dont even understand what he says..he says only like sounds..he say's wow, hi and no that i understand..

What my fear is some are asking me if my son is a special child. I am sorry but when i heard them say, it breaks my heart. No, he is not.. When he was 2, he used to bang his head in which i noticed that he doesnt do it now. But instead, he puts nails or thumbtacks or just yesterday a blade on his mouth.

Kindly pls help. I just couldnt ignore my son's behavior. I want to help him as early as i could.. Am thinking maybe anyone of u experienced this thing..your kind response is highly appreciated.. Thank u

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Nov 21, 2013
I went thru a similar phase, does your son have MAP/Geographic Tongue?
by: William

I went thru a similar phase when i was younger. I've always had a strange looking tongue due to being birthed while my mother was suffering from a yeast infection. Yeast contamination in a new born babies mouth while traveling the birth canal causes MAP/Geographic tongue, it gives the tongue a map-like appearance on the sides and upper surface. Some doctors dispute how it is caused, and the map-like appearance might not appear until your son is 90 years old, the general consensus is yeast contamination during birth. Having MAP/Geographic tongue can cause discomfort, and make salty foods more salty, and spicy foods more spicy. But overall it's harmless outside of the strange look. The tongue generally cycles thru a molt phase, thats where the outer layer of skin on the sides and surface of the tongue flakes off, allowing new skin to grow, i go thru this molt twice annually, for most this molting generally don't cause discomfort but for me it causes burning. Ice cream soothes the burning in my case. But when i was younger i would suck on keys because of the way they smelled. Sheets of steel would sooth me when i was licking them. I was able to stop doing it when i was about 19 because i learned i could control it by taking iron and copper supplements. But i have studied cases and what i have found is this desire to put metal in the mouth doesn't have anything to do with SPD, Add/ADHD, Dyslexia and or Autism. What causes it is MAP/Geographic tongue, why isn't exactly know but the correlation is iron and copper levels. When someone has a heart attack they usually complain of a copper taste in their mouth, so some believe having MAP/Geographic tongue causes a loss in iron and copper, try giving your son iron and copper supplements for a few months and see if this metal sucking subsides. Remember the body isn't instantly adjustable when it comes to minerals, so you should know it can take 90 days before his iron and copper levels come normalize.

To add to that i did however suffer a more painful phase when i was 23, i would scrape my tongue with my teeth that had started to rot due to my inability to stand brushing my teeth. So the top front ones were really sharp and jagged, i would scrap my tongue on them until it bleed. I would find a thumb tack, sewing needle, safety pin or anything else i could find that was metal and pointy sharp. Then i would try and see how long i could stand the pain of driving the sharp metal point into the damage caused from the scraping of my teeth. I suffered from this until i was 27. To this day i have permanent groves in my tongue.

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