My son Alex

by Carlena
(Longwood, FL)

My son is 17 yrs old, and has been diagnosed with ADD, PTSD and ODD. I do not think that the ODD part is correct. He does have Audio and Visual Processing disorder as does my 11 yr. old daughter and myself. We all suffer from sensory disorders, but my son gets very emotional at the drop of a hat. He thinks that he is always right and he always blames others for anything wrong in his life. He lies about everything, even when he knows that we know he is lying, he will not correct himself. He cannot adjust to even very slight changes in his schedule. He has to know in order each and every thing that we are doing or each and every place that we are going every day. If I tell him that I am going to take him somewhere or do something with him and then my ADHD (unmedicated) kicks in and I forget or do it out of order, he screams at me and tells me that I lied to him. Then he rants and raves and calls me stupid and retarded.

He has to touch, and hug everyone he knows, even if he is not very close to them. He cannot keep his hands to himself when it comes to his little sister, and he has to retaliate every time someone does something to him that he does not like. He thinks that everyone is against him and that he is unloved and ugly. We show him love and affection all the time, but all the encouraging that we do seems to fall on deaf ears. He says that he loves us all the time, but very rarely ever does anything to show it. Verbal communication really sucks around here, because our entire family suffers from learning disabilities, ADHD, Visual and Auditory Processing disorders, Developmental Delay,... and now I suspect Sensory Processing Disorder. Our verbal communication usually wind up in a screaming match because we feel like the other person is not listening or not understanding what we are trying to say. There is so much more, but I could never put it all here.

Thank you for the check off sheets. I am going to start filling them out for both my kids and myself and my husband right away! Then to the Pediatrician for HELP!!!

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