My son does not like shoes..

by nina
(baltimore,MD USA)

My son is 1yrs old and he flips out when I try to put shoes on him. What can I do to put shoes on him?

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Sep 16, 2009
My son was the same
by: Anonymous

My son survived many winters using flip flops and crocs for tactile defensiveness especially on his feet. He is now 6 and only likes one brand sneakers (Tsukihoshi) and uses only Gap socks...He likes only one brand for his winter boots and one kind of winter coat. Also, he wears only type of jeans with elastic waist or microfleece pants.

He improved dramatically after brush therapy and lots of patience and understanding...Also, sometimes when he gets overwhelmed with his shoes he asks for baby powder to put on his feet before putting his socks on; sometimes I give him bubble gum to distract him while we put his shoes on. We are now trying underwear...

Good Luck, it will get better, eventually.
Remember toddlers can't communicate effectively yet, even less verbalize their frustrations...
Don't give up

Sep 09, 2009
shoes on son
by: Anonymous


My autistic son was the same, 7 yrs ago. I found a store willing to let me bring the pair home and have a possibility to bring them back. I'd buy the pair. And kept them at home in the front door and would let him get used to them. It may be different for your son though...different issues. But it may work too. Then slowly but surely he eventually tries then on. For him his shoes were a part of his body...that's how I interpreted it.

Good luck!

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