My son eats nothing.... a mom in need of support

by Shannon
(Las Vegas )

The cutest eating disorder you will ever see.

The cutest eating disorder you will ever see.

My son is 2 1/2 years old. He is mostly happy and energetic but he can't be too active without getting tired or throwing up. He looks like a healthy boy, but is falling off the growth curve in height and jumping off the curve in weight.

He eats NOTHING. He gets all his calories and nutrition from Pediasure. He was never able to transition from stage 2 baby foods. In the past he was eating puréed squeeze pouches and gogurts... but he has since gotten sick of them and will run away screaming if I offer one to him. We used to be able to count on him eating the Gerber purple pouch- banana blueberry flavor- but they discontinued that style and changed the look. So now I can't count on him tk eat anything at all. ...

He hardly ever seems interested in food. He does like very strong flavors such as nacho cheese Doritos, but will never eat them. He only licks and sucks on them. He has no rotary jaw movement because he's never chewed anything. He didn't put toys in his mouth as a baby. He has only consumed purred foods but has recently been avoiding those. .

I got him evaluated by early intervention at 16 months. He receives Feeding therapy, Occupational therapy, and nutrition services.... but he hasn't made much progress in the last year. He is working on overcoming sensory issues. He hates when things stick to his hands and won't touch anything that is sticky.

My husband and I have 3 other children and one car. In all they are 9, 4,2, and 1. We have spent so much money on pediasure and squeeze fruit pouches. They amount of time I spend choosing new foods to try and being careful to appeal to his sensory issues is exhausting. At the end of each stressful day watching him not eat at all I am tired and nervous about his development and in need of someone who understands my insane stressful day to day life. His father is growing impatient with the therapists because he sees no improvement. I continue to schedule and work with them with hopes that we can eventually see progress.

I would love to have the comfort of a similar story to share or any ideas from someone who is dealing with the same severity of eating issues as my family. Thank you for your listening ear.

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