My son has been chewing and cutting his clothes

by brooke
(adelaide smithfield plains)

my son at school has been cutting his clothes and he's also been chewing his clothes alot more than he used too. what can i do?

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Aug 05, 2012
Cutting clothes - sewed sensory buttons and toys inside of his clothes
by: Anu

When my son came home with his shorts cut a few times and I found out that he had done it I took some buttons with different textures and permanently sewed them inside of his short and pant pockets so he would have something sensory to do (instead of cutting).

I also took some toys, lizards, spiders ets and sewed those inside of pockets in hoodies and he could play with them without getting in "trouble" at school since they were sewn in place and could not be pulled out or seen by others therefore not to distract other children.

Simply threw them in the wash as usual and just came across some of those old hoodies the other day, they lasted very well.

This really helped him and the cutting stopped.

May 31, 2012
Cutting Clothes
by: Adrienne

My 8yr. old son has been cutting his clothes also. Perhaps 3-4 times this year. He is verbal but can't or won't tell me why he does this. I'm not alone:)

May 07, 2012
chewing and cutting
by: Cindy

My 8 yr old grandson, has chewed since the beginning of his being able to chew as a baby, prefering to get tags of clothes almost to the back of his throat. The school OT put it in writing that he be allowed chewing gum. Stride, Lee says lasts the longest. New is cutting his clothes. It hasn't happened alot but was quite disturbing when he did it. He is verbal enough to explain why he did it. He had a substitute teacher in his class, he got scared. Substitutes do not usually have the same kind of understanding as they only come in for a day and the child might never see them again. Lee's problem was he was afraid his regular teacher wasn't coming back.

Mar 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

My daughter chews her clothes too and just recently cam home with holes her leggings that he school said she'd cut during art. I never thought about the two being linked!
For the clothes chewing thing we got her Chewies from .

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