My son hates one of his teachers

by Melissa

My son is having issues w/one of the teachers at his school saying he hates her and it is affecting his behaviors. I don't encourage this behavior and they have consequences for it at school. He says she threw away some of his paperwork. My son is 6/has SPD, do you think this is something more. The teacher said he might have oppositional defiant disorder, but I talked to his pediatrician about it and he said with that, he would have issues with a lot more people and it would not just be w/that one person. It would be with most people. He said you cannot turn off a disorder. What do you think.

He keeps saying I hate so and so and I keep saying please don't say that it's not nice and what can we do to make it better. You are wasting a lot of energy on that.

Is this a developmental stage or what? I'm just worried!

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May 08, 2017
by: Anonymous

The teacher is not strict.He is not a nice guy.He is provoking bullying.You should speak to the director

Feb 28, 2011
i dislike my literature teacher.....
by: noopur

hi, my son who is 8 yr.. he also says he dislikes one of his teacher. i asked him why ? he says because the teacher calls him bad words like stupid. If there is a mistake made by any student , she makes them write it 10 times on the board . She is very strict and makes them do writing and answer comprehension everyday.

it is difficult but all teachers cannot be same. some are strict and some are good.

but children only remember both and talk about only bad ones at home.....

its all a prt of growing up ... just give them a patient ear and shoulder...

take care
noopur sarin

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