My son is 26 months old, and was just diagnosed. Have some questions!

by Yorelle
(Boca Raton, FL)

My lovely little boy.

My lovely little boy.

Here are a few of my son Liam's symptoms.

-Wont eat anything unless its freezing cold.
-Hates pants, long sleeves, socks and sneakers.
-Screams, runs and hides when hears loud unexpected noises.
-Competes with other children by physically harming them.
-Is excessively energetic and hard to console.
-Likes to jump, hop, run and blurts out random sounds.
-Falls and bumps himself on purpose.
-Has to be constantly entertained, art works best.
-Throws frequent tantrums, especially in new or strange environments.
-Does best in a home setting.
-Likes to be kissed but HATES hugs, they are quick and does not ever want to be held.
-Plays very aggressively with children, and is rough with toys.
-Has to be clean constantly, washes hands constantly and always wants to take a bath.
-25 word vocabulary with speech imperfections.

1. Is this definitely SPD? Can it be a phase like my family keeps telling me?
2. Occupational and Speech therapy start Monday, how does it help?
3. What are the best crafts and activities I can do with him?
4. What helps getting him to calm down?
5. How do I get him to be nice to other children? He plays great with adults.
6. How long will this last for? Is he going to have these problems always?

Any advice will help, thank you!

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Oct 28, 2011
It's going to be alright
by: Anonymous

No, it won't go away without figuring out what soothes him and teaching him how to self soothe. You family will probably never understand. Focus on teaching your son to help himself and your families support won't matter.

My mother lives with us and was at lots of OT appointments... Last week she gave me a fiction book with lines underlined that basically said "acting out in this manner is a power struggle between the child and the parent"

A FICTION BOOK! Ah well. Our OT taught ME how to help my daughter, we still have a rough go of it, but I know how to be her advocate and I am hopeful that she will by pass some of the more difficult issues of SPD as a result.

Get your tool box ready Mom, you are going to learn a lot. Once you do, you will make it look easy.

Best of luck and warmest wishes.

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