My son just hates birthdays and "high school kids"

by paulette etcheberry
(deerfield beach fl 33442)

I don't know how to put it without being angry but recently I have been noticing that no matter how close I am from my son, say in a class like taekwondo, or a birthday with new people. He just starts panicking and looking at the window ! I get so frustrated because he just can't stop being terrified of people, or that I am going to leave him in the car. All I can say is that this is frustrating and exhausting to experience.

He has been taking Taekwondo for a while but and recently he just started to get scared and wanted to leave; the reason: apparently because there were "high school boys" I was puzzled to say the least, he will just cry and make a scene and I just got upset, I know I am not the best mother for being so angry, but I have been seeing this types of fears and the OT has nothing to share about it, she even told me that while in session he started to miss me and couldn't carry on with his class. I don't understand, no nothing has happened at The Twdo Center, because I am always there, yes, people thing I am spoiling him and he needs discipline!! Damn he has Sensory Issues and I had a talk with the teacher and he barely believed me, he sees him as "brilliant" so he doesn't see what I see.

Today he lost his belt, why?? because he was constantly looking for me. Also, there was some older kids practicing while the class was going on and he was totally distracted. I need some help here, the last birthday party was a disaster, we went it was at the tkwodo center and he just started to panic. I left the place furious but also terribly sick because he was really panicking and I couldn't understand the reasons at all. He wont sat it just incoherent words, I don't want to exercise or I want papa etc... his father doesn't really support much since he just says forget about birthdays and that is. But he doesn't live with a terrified child who screams, sweats or cry every time I am opening the door from the car and he is still inside, or if I am talking to a stranger while he is sitting next to me he just loose it!! I definitely feel exhausted and totally impotent help please.

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