My son possibly has SPD?

by Tanya

I never really thought anything was wrong with my 5 year old son - I just thought he was immature and would outgrow his behaviors. He was recently at a doctor's appointment and he was not able to balance on one foot, hop on one foot, or walk on his heels without holding on. He also could not straighten his legs while touching his toes. He is a very active child who loves to run, jump, swing, and climb. I have noticed that he is awkward sometimes and tends to fall down. I just figured he is a big child - 47 inches tall, and 60 pounds - and not able to control his body yet.

When I started looking at the information for SPD - a lot of the behaviors describe my son. Actually, when I look through the checklists - about 25 characteristics were checked primarily in the hyposensitivities and proprioceptive categories. But a few in the other categories as well. He does get overwhelmed in large groups of people and does not like a lot of loud noises.

I am just wondering if others have this same experience. He reached all of his major physical milestones on target, has a great vocabulary, and is very bright. He can write, cut with scissors, and is progressing on dressing himself better (his clothes are often twisted).

I guess a lot of the checked behaviors are common in younger children and am wondering when is it just immaturity? or SPD?

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May 09, 2009
it sounds like my son
by: charlene Ohio

My son is described in you comment section. He has been diagnosed with SPD he is very brite, and able to cutting and writing, and jumping, but we started OT in March and it has been the best thing ever. He has thrived and I am so thankful that we were able to get him some help. My son is not as big as your son but he also loves to run and jump and I have found that a trampoline has helped him integrate some of these sensory issues.

My son was/is not developmentally delayed he is the top of his preK class, but he does have issues with circle time and needing that sensory input from running or jumping in the classroom, his occupational therapist has worked up a plan for him that his teachers have been incorporating in the classroom in order to help him and it has worked wonders.

Please get your son evaluated. If he has SPD and you get him treatment now your able to help him. The longer you wait the harder it is to get him the help he needs in order to lead a normal happy life. Good luck to you hope this helps.

May 08, 2009
by: Anonymous

It does sound like SPD to me. I would have him evaluated by an OT. If he does have it, it's best to start therapy ASAP. Good luck!

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