My Son the SuperHero

by Candace Warner
(Sioux Lookout, Ontario Canada)

This is my man of passion

This is my man of passion

So,I have recently found out that my 7 year old has SPD. That doesn't really change much because he is an awesome kid. He is sarcastic, funny, smart and picky and slow to do a lot of things. I have been tending to his needs and have had to adjust the way I treat him versus the way I treat his sister who doesn't have SPD. Both of my kids are adorable and awesome.

My heart breaks at times though to know that he will never be like all the other kids and that he alone needs extra protection for his heart and spirit. But then I look at the joy of what he has accomplished and the gifts that God has given him and my heart cries for joy.

His touch is so gentle it gives me goosebumps. His love and hugs are the most genuine kind of love that I can ever receive from anyone. His smile makes my heart melt and his passion and no fear makes me proud of him for everything he can and will do.

SPD doesn't change anything in my home or with my son. It's just an understanding of who he is that I need to know!


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Jul 01, 2008
The Great Ones
by: Anonymous

Reading this story reminded me of a really poignant and comforting comment from another mom at my son's school. She said "you know it's the quirky ones who go on to do great and exceptional things." I'm not sure if my son is actually quirky but he is certainly different from his peers and really struggles with everyday life. When I think of his future I do pray we are helping him find his own way to be happy in this world. He doesn't find joy in the typical fun kid things but it's amazing how he does find fun on his terms. It's a relief to have the dx and at least know what to do for him now instead of constantly wondering what on earth is making him behave that way! In the end, as hard as it is to live with, it does make these kids all the more special for what they've overcome.

Apr 07, 2008
Thank you!!!
by: Maraiah

I have to thank you for submitting your page. All too often, for myself, I think about the things my son can't do or has a hard time doing. Your page reminded me to remember all the things he can do. My son, as well, is a super-hero in the sense that when he grows up he wants to save the world like Superman and the Power Rangers, and I do belive one way or another he will help this world just by being in it.

Again thank you sooo very much for submitting this, it was absolutely wonderful.

Maraiah DeCol
Sandy, UT

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