My SPD story

by Stacy Nelson
(Superior WI)

My daughter now almost 11 started displaying symptoms at age 2.5. It started with tights. I wanted to dress my princess up. Do her hair and nails etc. She wanted none of it. Every day was a constant struggle from socks. Underwear. Pants. Shirts. Jacket. Snow Pants. Shoes. Boots. Hair. Teeth etc. She was and is extremely smart but has difficulty transitioning from one task to another.

She is overwhelmed from dressing to then brushing her teeth or doing homework. She goes limp on me when she doesn't want to do something. I thought for the longest time it was defiance. Laziness. Behavioral problems. I discovered this diagnosis. Her blankets. Pajamas. Gloves etc all have to be a certain texture. She has only certain foods she will eat. She needs a blanket for certain chairs. Seats etc because she doesn't like the feel. She refuses to brush her hair at times. She is picky about everything. She has no sense of personal space. She can't handle smells. Perfumes. Lotions. Of I'm cooking with garlic.

We are looking into occupational therapy. I thought she has a brain disorder. She is a gifted artist. Exceptional reader. Amazing big sister. So many good qualities. It took her till she was 8 years old to ride a bike. She has trouble listening and following directions. She gets overloaded and shuts down completely. She is on her own time. Late for gym. Trouble with socks and gym shoes. Will only wear one specific tagless pants. Underwear etc.

Things change daily. One day she likes her gloves the next day she doesn't. She walked out in the snow barefoot refusing to wear boots. I could write a book. I just thought I was going insane. She has two sisters. All children are different. This is just off the top of my head. So much more I have left out. Glad to know I'm not alone.

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