by april

My child has some of these symptoms in each checklist. She doesn't like it when I brush her hair, loves her teeth being brush, loves feet p.j's even in the summer, loves to swing and jump.

Some noises really bother her, she doesn't like power poles gets scared walking passed them. Some movies scare her like when the veggie tales pop-up to close to the screen, she runs out of the room then turns and comes back in when they move away. Yet still she wants to watch it.

She has trouble writing, spills things some of the time. Loves deep pressure. Won't touch some textures, only eats certain foods. Likes the slide at home but at a new place I have to help her get started before she will use it. Sometimes she notices her hands are dirty sometimes she doesn't.

With her some of the symptoms change from time to time. She sometimes self treats herself. It seems as if she knows what she needs at the time. She has to sleeps w/ music on and now its w/ her lamp on. She never minded it before that I brushed her hair it changed this year along w/ some other things, some are better and other are new sensory problems.

I've notice this we she has a grown al ittle bit. I've watched her also change the hearts of many with her pure and sweet heart. I had signed her up in a small cheerleading group the children, the coach and the church their hearts melted when she open her mouth to try to sing w/ the cheerleaders and how she turn on the steps to try and dance w/o falling.

I prayed for her that day and God showed me not only will she be able to stand on the steps w/o falling down them but she will be able to turn on them too. Not a dry eye in the was left in the church that Sunday. She and myself also give new hope to new comers of the church, Our church now is working on having a program for the special need kids we didn't have that before. I'm enjoying her and I would like to know more about SIDS or SPD. Thanks for letting me share my story.

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