my story

by Sarah

Well, ever since I was little I have been tactile defensive. Im 14 now and still, some things bother me. Others I've had to learn to deal with, but some still gross me out.

Once, when I was 3, my mom counted how many times I took my shoes off and repositioned them... 14. It wasn't til later we realized it was because I was tactile defensive. My socks were what was bothering me. There are several foods I still don't like, like: bananas, yogurt, pudding, gravy, etc. having my shirt tags cut out was a regular thing when I was little, now I just force myself to ignore them. but still, my case isn't that bad.

I don't mind wind, kisses, hugs, being touched or vibrating toys as much as some. I have grown out of a lot of it, and I hope I grow out some more. :)

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