My weighted blanket helps

by Loviana Sikora
(New York State. (USA))

So my mom originally got one for my sister because she couldn't sleep without her cat laying on her. She decided to get me one too just in case. When I first got it I didn't really like it. Not because of the weight but because it always felt moist when it was on me. Like it was a bit damp. I have had it for 3 years now and it has finally stopped feelings that way. Maybe it was just me. Probably was.

But I've been using it the past week and I have fallen asleep much faster. No waiting hours to tire. I can just sleep. :) I don't know how I ever did without this. (Have Aspergers and severe Anxiety and panic attacks) I don't know what this does to help Panic attacks, but next time I have one, I think I'll try to reach for this blanket. It makes me feel happy and safe.

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