My wonderful 6 year old boy is a picky eater.

by Jill

Well Mack is 6 and refuses to eat or taste new foods. His first time at the dentist was like war. He would rather receive a spanking than to taste a new food. We have tried all of the SuperNanny techniques. We have talked to his doctor. She said to make the food and put it in front of him and if he does not eat it, he goes hungry. Well, I have a heart so we serve bread at every meal so he gets something in his belly.

After reading the checklist it sounds as if he may be suffering from some oral sensitivity and I will be calling his doctor on Monday to see if we can do some things for him. We have been thinking that he was just being disobedient. We think it's easy to taste something new. We also understand that if we do not like something we do not have to eat it. After reading this very helpful information, perhaps giving a name to what my child may be suffering, I feel that we can function easier and our meal times will be less stressful.

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