Nana... built in babysitter

by Yolanda Starks
(Long Branch, New Jersey)

My grandson is 5 yrs old and started playing w his poop about a few months ago. when I ask him why he can't give me an answer.

I don't know where to start to look for help with an issue like this... I never experienced this and my Mom had a daycare center she ran in her home while I was growing up. I never heard of this til now.

I asked some people and I had some say yea my brother used to do it another say yea my nephew used to do it. Now mind you my grandson is a genius and smart as a whip. he knows everything,and the the couple of people that say yea a family member did this are adults now and they are geniuses that own there own businesses and 1 of them is a engineer.

I guess I just better keep reaching out for answers cause it's really disgusting and embarrassing.

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