by Susan

My 3 yr. old grandson has SPD. Recently, he has fought his Mommy and me every time we start to rock him to sleep. He starts screaming and stiffens up and fights us till we can't handle him any longer. We don't know what has happened because he usually would let us rock him until he fell asleep. Any suggestions on why he started this behavior and how to handle him? Thanks, Grammy

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Mar 04, 2013
Nap trouble
by: Anonymous

My son will be three in a few months we started speech therapy a few weeks ago and will begin ot soon. I am having the same problem he will not sit with me at naptime if i try to force him its just too much too handle him. I put him in his crib and tell him its naptime go to sleep. He stays in the crib but doesnt sleep most of the time goofs around and doesnt get the rest he needs. I am consistant with the same routine and I would be happy to hear any other suggestions! Its obvious he needs the rest!

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