Need An Adult OT For SPD In Central Ohio

Appreciate what you are doing, thank you.

Sort of new to all this, have a year old diagnosis but unable to find resources here in Central Ohio.

Can you make a recommendation?
I am sorry I don't have a specific name for you, but I do have a resource that should help you find someone. The database that will give you a large selection of SIPT certified OT's is at:

Want to know more about what a SIPT certified OT is, or tips for finding a good OT for SPD? Check out the first edition of my free monthly newsletter, The SPD Companion; Finding An Occupational Therapist For SPD"

Given that you are an adult with SPD, it will be in your best interest to call several clinics/OT's on this list from the database to make sure they treat adults. If they are SIPT certified and a good clinic, they should... adult SPD is really not that different, the concepts are still the same.

I am confused how you got an SPD diagnosis and they did NOT recommend treatment. Can you tell us more about that?? Who diagnosed you? What types of evaluations did you have? Why did they not recommend treatment? Or, did they recommend it but couldn't do it there? Did an OT diagnose you, or was it another discipline/dr.?

So, check out the names on the database from that I linked to above and start making some phone calls. I am so glad you are pursuing treatment.

Also, know that we have an online support group for Adults with SPD. You can join us at: SPD Adult SHARE for some support, information, validation, and resources.

Another thing you can do is contact our SPD Parent SHARE Host from Ohio. Perhaps she may know of some resources in your area? You will find her here... SPD Parent SHARE Host Directory

Lastly... if there are any OT's reading this that work in the Columbus, OH area with adult SPD, can you contact Belinda or put your contact information here? I hope to develop my own database at some point to help people more specifically. Or, is there someone who lives in Ohio that knows of a good place? Speak up... we would LOVE to know where to go.

Good luck in your search. Let us know how it goes and if you find a good therapist! Also, if you want to respond to my questions, that would be wonderful, so I can better understand where things broke down in your seek for help.

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