Need an OT in California for adult SPD!

Dear Michele,

I need to find an OT for a proper diagnosis. I live in Northridge, Ca, 91325. Please! Is there anything you can do to have someone call me who has worked with adults who are sensory defensive??

My body is past alarm-resistance and has been exhausted too long. I'm on survival mode and don't have much energy. I've looked and emailed 30 plus OT's from your website. I must be doing something wrong, I need help. I'm becoming rippled.


The SPD Help Line Responds...

My first question to YOU... are these the therapists you have been contacting? From this database of SIPT Certified OT's in California... 24 pages of SIPT Certified California OT's??

If so, I don't personally have any more contacts in that area... but I am posting this submission in hopes that someone in California responds to your request!!

Also, I would suggest you join the Adult SHARE SPD online support group... someone in there might have some resources for you. And, have you read Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight? A great book specifically for sensory defensive adults!

Let's pray someone responds to your request! Hang in there and keep your fingers crossed you find someone to help you! See if this additional information helps, ok?

Let us know about your progress.

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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