Need Help Finding Support and Information For Adults With SPD

by Rachel Deveikis
(New Hampshire)

Hi, I am 27 years old and feel like I just found the answer to SO many issues I've had and continue to have when I found out what SPD was. I was completely unaware this even existed until about October of last year when my friend was describing the issues of her 3 year old son and was sharing with me that she suspected it to be SPD. I honestly thought him as being just high-strung but as she listed more of his issues and what SPD actually was it was like a light bulb turned on in my head and I suddenly saw all the similarities between her son and my memories of myself at that age.

I did some research and I am now 100% positive that all these "quirks" and odd behaviors and aversions I've dealt with my whole life and always just assumed was some strange form of the anxiety and OCD I suffer from to actually have its own name and explanation. While I am so incredibly relieved to FINALLY have a name and explanation for the way I am, I find myself completely unsure of the next steps. I googled articles and books but I have found that over 90% is geared toward parents of child with this disorder and not to the adults who suffer.

I would love some guidance as to the next step, who exactly I should go to for a diagnosis, maybe some literature geared toward adults or a forum where adults with it can discuss their own experiences. I am also having difficulty explaining to my boyfriend, family and friends what exactly this is and just how much it can effect a person. As somebody who suffers greatly from this with constant anxiety, avoidance, etc, I have spent my whole life feeling so effected by this but only being seen as lazy, dramatic, weak, etc.

I would love something that quickly but thoroughly just gives them an actual understanding of what exactly SPD is and just how much it can effect a person, more specifically adults. Any help in any of these areas would be so appreciated as I am anxious to begin my journey to coping with this disorder. Thank you!

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Nov 09, 2015
Check this out!
by: Flo


I am very much in the same boat and I found this blog and accompanying website:

She talks a lot about being an adult sufferer, as well as being able to ask her questions etc. I'd suggest taking a look, it helped me :)

Good luck!

Apr 01, 2015
A few answers
by: Anonymous

I too found out about this disorder a few months ago when I was googling to find a way to cope with my tooth brushing issue I guess you could call it. When I see,hear or even think about brushing teeth I get the chills and gag and sometimes if I'm close enough I may even throw up so I can't help my son with his brushing and his teeth are suffering for it. It came up with spd and as I was reading the symptoms like you it was like a lightbulb went off. So many "quirks" explained.

I have other problems as well. I'm diagnosed bipolar and add and have severe anxiety and paranoia. I'm starting to even think I might have Aspergers as I have many other quirks not mentioned with spd. Anyway to get a diagnosis you need to go to an Occupational therapist and you will need a script just like for physical therapy. However almost all insurance companies will not cover anything to do with spd as it is not a recognized disorder so you May have to call around to find someone who is willing to word it in a way that insurance will cover it. Again however the wording for the diagnosis is just the first hurdle.

The way they treat spd is through behavior type therapy so all those sessions and anything needed to justify them also have to be worded just right. I have done a bit of reading where therapists are frustrated because they can't always leave those words out. So personally I have put the diagnosis on the backburner until maybe one day it is a recognized disorder I don't know just not too important to me I guess for an official diagnosis when I fit it so well.

There are a couple of foundation's with websites that you can go to but you are right most of the information is for parents of children with the disorder. I wish you luck on your journey. Wish I had more answers but for adults answers are hard to come by

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