Need Help with my 6 year old

by rivonia
(South Africa)

My 6 year old was diagnosed with SPD just last week. He is a major seeker. Non stop noise, movement, bumping, crashing and this is a very difficult struggle for his teacher as his noises are disturbing to his class.

We just started OT but the teacher is on my back everyday about him not listening and keeping quiet, she asks him to stop and he does for a little then he just starts making sounds and he rocks his chair. I gave her all the info to explain to her why he is the way he is and that we are going to do OT to help him to find a better way of channeling his noisiness, but seems like she is done with him. The kids in his class also find his noises annoying and tend to avoid him. This break my heart.

It is his first year in a Waldorf school so i cannot take him out now and put him in a main stream school because he will be way behind and he will obviously also make noises in the new school.

He is a good child but those noised and sounds is making me mad as well.

How can i help my son at school! What advice can I give the teacher, what exercises can we do, what kinds of medication can help, what tools do i need.

I am just lost, sad and so confused.

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Apr 21, 2016
Need help w my 6yo response
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry to hear about your son. It is heartbreaking to hear about other children's struggles and I could go on and on about similar issues with the school and so on but for times sake I can just make a few suggestions. We got my 7yo son a silicone chewy necklace by Jellystone (the camo robot) that he loves and has helped keep him quiet in school by keeping his mouth busy. Also it he helped him with chewing on his fingers and hands. He used a weighted vest for a few months that worked great until other kids started teasing him. Now we give him a very basic black weighted backpack. The zippers are locked together so he can't get into it and get in trouble and he wears it every time they leave the class for music, art, Pe, etc it gives him a good amount of imput and sensory breaks they help throughout the day and have greatly reduced his sensory seeking behaviors. Another sensory exercise that has helped is going out in the hall and blowing up a balloon 2 or 3 times during the day. He has needed supervision w this but it has been helpful in cutting down seeking behaviors. Hope this helps. Good luck to you

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