Need help with my SPD and APD son.

by Claire
(Newcastle upon Tyne, England)

My 11 year has had sensory issues from being a baby and I struggled so much with him. Here are some of the problems we have had: Problems with him not wanting to wear certain clothes, even today he will strip off his trousers as soon as he is home from school. Hating being put in his buggy, car seat, screaming and kicking, not being able to soothe him, sleep issues. Anger issues. Not knowing when he should stop doing something that is annoying to others. He also suffers bowel problems and takes Movicol. He also has a special comfort blanket which he has to hold to his face and he will not let me wash it, it has a rough patch on which he must find and feel. He also looks awkward when he is in groups and has social behaviour problems at school and at home; he seems to annoy others very easily and he gets annoyed and hits out. I have to tell him everything he needs to do and will go to do something I have asked him and then come back without having done it. He also has word finding difficulties and cant put his thoughts into words at school either verbally or on paper.

I am seeing CAMHS with him and wondering if I should mention that I think he could have SPD and some other processing disorder but don't want them to think I have been looking too much into reasons for his behaviour, like I am telling them what is wrong. Any advice please.

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