Need help

by Alisha
(greer sc)

my daughter has SPD she also has a speech delay and is receiving OT and speech therapy and EI works with her as well. my concern is how she doesnt play well with others her brother is almost 6 and they very rarely get along. i watch a two year old girl through the week and they dont play good either. Im not sure how to explain it but she gets frustrated easily then mad and starts screaming. when other kids are around its the same way i try to get her to calm down share distract her just about everything i can think of. she has problems expressing herself and doesnt know enough words to say whats wrong and only knows a few signs. what im looking for is any advice on how to keep her calmer and when she does have a meltdown how to avoid them with other kids but they also know how to push her buttons and make her flip out any help or thoughts would be helpful thanks

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Jul 18, 2012
Need help
by: Janice

I have found that massage - large muscle - really helps. I am not a trained massuese, but am just using my instincts. I have a little knowledge of foot reflexology - but I just message the whole foot to calm my son. My OT says that I should avoid the stomach, but I message at night, or after my 7 years old is all worked up, and it seems to help. I have also started to watch what gets my son upset - too much stimulation is always the problem - too much interaction with kids, too much noise/tv. But there isn't too much of playing with clay, sand, trays of beans. You child may not be drawing yet, but finger paint might work for her -OR she will hate it because it is messy.Also I would suggest having her move her body...roll on the rug or grass, lay on back and kick her feet in the air...anything age appropriate. I strongly suggest going to an occupational therapist...I went to my medical insurance rather than my behavioral insurance and it was quite affordable. All the best!

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