Need help

by susan

My son is 22 mnths old and is just starting to take 3 to4steps, he has to be hand fed only slightly textured foods. He will not hold a spoon or for that matter put anything including toys in mouth. He does allow me to brush his teeth . Also he only babbles and says no words , his hearing is fine and he has OT and physical therapy he is also waves flaps hands up and down rapidly. I feel he does to a point understand my commands or requests to play such as ,lets play ball. He does not mind mixed foods and likes basically everything. Im feeling hopeless that he will never eat solids especially using his own hands.

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Feb 08, 2014
OT helps
by: Anonymous

Hi Susan,

At around 6 months, my pediatrician said I could give my son those little snacks that easily melt in their mouth and my son would not eat them. He would frown and work to get them out of his mouth. I would periodically try them again and it was the same reaction. It was many months before he would eat those. He did great with the stage 1 & 2 foods but, when I tried the stage 3 food, it did not go well at all. When he discovered the chunks in the food, he would spit the pieces out. I grew tried of the battle to get him to eat the stage 3 food and just fed him the purees, which I knew he would eat. The OT suggested that I try to feed him a solid at every meal. I began to do that and he finally began eating solids on a regular basis around 24 months. He is now 26 months and he now eats solids for lunch and dinner every day. He is sometimes hesitant to try new foods and will sometimes examine his food before eating but, things are much better. He sometimes will spit parts of foods out but overall he is eating great.

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