Need Help

Hi all. My dd has SPD and one of the symptoms I have noticed is she does not (or can not) listen. Most of the time it is like she can't hear us at all. I am trying to get her back in to therapy. However, the help I need is more related to DH handling the issue. He is an older father and recently had shoulder surgery and just found out he will have to go in again. Anyway, she is always jumping on him and pulling on him and has no concept of his pain and when he asks her to stop it is like she can't even hear him. The only thing that works is me physically removing her, which sets off a whole different issue. I try reading him the books on SPD and telling him how to handle it, but he just doesn't get it. He understands the SPD and that this is something she can't control, but in the heat of the moment he forgets that.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can help him to be more patient with her or how to get her to understand? As mentioned I am trying desperately to get her back into therapy to help these problems, but have been unsuccessful so far. Please, ad advice would be great.

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