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My ex-wife seems to be convinced that our 3 year old son has Proprioceptive Dysfunction. I do not concur at this point in the game but I am not a Neurologist. Going through the checklist (Sensory Seeking) and our son maybe meets 1 or 2 but not all.

Our son could be "thrill seeking" at times and does "jump from furniture"--from the arm of the couch to my carpet or from couch to couch. In light of this, I can't believe that these activities or red flags are indicative of a Sensor Disorder. Here is my question:

Does the child have to meet a certain number of activities on the checklist to raise a valid concern?

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Feb 14, 2009
re: need more info
by: kidsOT

I am a school based Occupational Therapist and work with children who have sensory challenges. There are more specific evaluations designed to give a more thorough picture of your son's sensory system even at age 3. If you contact your local school district they are likely to have an OT who can interview you, observe your son in play and possibly complete an assessment if needed.

Schools general provide a childfind screening to children whose parents have concerns regarding their development. It is common that children with a large desire for proprioceptive input are also seeking movement (vestibular) input as well. Some use proprioceptive activities to help calm themselves and become increasingly attentive as a result. Examples of these activities you may find in the heavy work ideas on this web site.

In general we are looking for a clustering of several symptoms in one or more areas that affect the child's daily life. Hope this helps and that you find further

Jan 09, 2009
Step-mom's perspective
by: Anonymous

Here is a return question that is meant with no disrespect, who has primary custody? I am a step mother to two boys and it was always hard for my husband to hear things from his ex-wife because his boys did not live with us at the time. He questioned things because he did not see them. Seeing is believing.

SPD is at it's very nature inconsistent. One day my son will go to preschool and the teacher calls him an angel the next day he gets four time outs in a four hour class. Be open to discussing this with her and listening to her concerns. It is in your son's best interest to tackle this at an early age if he is conclusively diagnosed.

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