by Andrea

I have a nephew, who i thought might be autistic, but it could very well be the sensory disorder. he is completely out of touch with any other person but his parents, he is three and does not talk at all, i mean... nothing, licks his food unless you put food in his mouth to chew. would like to convince my sister that there is something wrong with him... not easy

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Apr 26, 2011
My view
by: Emory Clark

Hello; There's much meaningful work to be done during this denial [or at the least questioning]
When professional diagnosis is accomplished therapy should begin and a plan be outlined for home life as well.
We place Swrings see in clinics and homes for children with autism and many other special needs. (please read the notes there written by OTs.
The Children thrive on it in many ways including vestibular awareness, core muscle growth, social awareness and balance.
Don't hesitate to contact me. My email is on the website.

Apr 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

it can be very difficult to diagnose autism and/or sensory issues. and there can also be many things that overlap in these two neurological conditions. what may look like autism can very well be sensory issues and vice versa.

and it can be difficult to talk to loved ones about possibilities that our children might be neurologically wired a little bit differently. but i would suggest that if you suspect something may be going on, approach it with your sister, though hard it may be. if indeed he has issues, there are so many things that can be done and there are so many resources and interventions and therapies that can help! good luck.

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