Neuro feedback for Sensosry Processign Disorder in children

by nina

My daughter has sensory processing disorder and anxiety. She struggles most with tactile defensiveness. clothes, socks, pants, hair washing etc. She is 10 and growing up fast.

My daughter has NO problem making friends however keeping them is another issue. she struggles now with social issues about not fitting in, cant wear the cool clothes. Most of the time she gets so anxious about the setting, crowd or even the entire experience she starts to ramble about crazy things and usually doesn't get asked back to parties, play dates or whatever. She has become an outcast.

She has been through OT and although the therapist was great we saw some improvement but nothing that helps her get through the day.

We are considering Neurofeedback and at this point she is on so much medication I would do anything to get her off it.

Does anyone have experience or thoughts. All are welcome please and thank you

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