by Kelly
(Victoria, BC, Canada)

No, I do not think it is 'real'. It is a vast over-simplification of neuroscience. There are no basic neuroscientists who believe that difficulties processing sensations cause these types of problems. By the way, sensory processing is actually called 'perception'. Perception is the process by which input into the brain (sensation) is transformed into meaningful information. Psychophysics is the study of sensory processes, and I have never seen any reference to perception or psychophysics in any discussion of sensory processing or sensory integration disorder. The problem is that sensory processing is an occupational therapy notion, and I'm afraid that occupational therapists receive very little training in sensation/perception/psychophysics, and little in neuroscience.

BTW, isn't 'sensory sensitivity' a redundancy? Is it possible to be sensitive to anything that is not sensory?!

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Oct 27, 2014
SPD is REAL!!!
by: Anonymous

the comments made by this neuropsychologist are way out of his "area". I saw arrogant as one of the reply comments. I SO agree. Someone that just found this out about this, now can start to find some healing. I'm NOT crazy! And it is nice to know that I'm not the only one that has the same feelings (symptoms). This is NOT something that I would choose to have. Take way the "LABEL" and the feelings are STILL the same.

Arg to you

Mar 13, 2013
Evidence of SPD

Anyone who has seen the positive effects of OT treatment for children who have been accurately diagnosed with a SPD would not question its validity.

I believe the author of this webpage is a bit arrogant, spouting off opinions with limited knowledge.

Mar 22, 2012
Offended!.. Highly Offended!!
by: Nancy

Are you saying that the name (Sensory Processing Disorder)is not consitent with the symptoms or that the symptoms are just a figment of our imaginations? I had always considered myself to just have acute senses since I hear things no one else hears, smell things no one else smells, touch that may not be notice by another crawls over my insides. Then I read about Sensory Processing Disorder. It describes me to a T. Would it make YOU feel better if we called it "That disorder thingy that makes you crazy when you have to stay too long in a room with fluorescent lights and makes you do whacky things like dig your fingernails into your own arms to try and relieve the sensation left by that annoying soft touch when someone brushed up against you unexpectedly and makes it difficult to maintain healthy relationships because you can't process (well, I don't know... what word would YOU prefer I use here?) sensory input the same as "normal" people and those "normal" people just don't understand why you can't,..

I could continue for a long, long time but, come now, isn't this a rather ridiculous name for Sensory Integration Disorder? Oh wait, or ARE you saying that the symptoms, themselves simply don't exist. Hmmmm, perhaps then, you could enlighten us? Or perhaps it is you who does not understand. Redundancy? Certainly sensitivities are realized through the... taadaa... senses. The part you seem to be missing is the OVER sensitivities which is precisely what makes "That disorder thingy that makes you crazy when...." Oh what the heck, The OVER sensitivity is precisely what makes Sensory Processing Disorder what it is... a disorder.. a REAL disorder experienced by many people in daily life and a disorder that needs to be recognized and researched by the medical community.

Now, please forgive my frustration but it is precisely your attitude that kept me suffering as silently as possible for many years with this disorder. Shame on you... have a little compassion and dig further. It's real. Help be a solution, not a hindrance to those who suffer with it.

Jan 13, 2012
What is it then?
by: Adult with something

I'm willing to concede that this might not be the best name for it but sensory issues will apparently be included under Autism in the next DSM. I really don't fit Autism well but my perception/sensory imput is really messed up. What would your idea be for a medical diagnosis be?

Jun 19, 2010
Apparently you haven't dealt with this!!!
by: Patrick's Mommy

As a mother of a 5 year old with SPD, you have no idea how hard things are for my son or for my husband and I. O.T. has made a WORLD of difference to him. He is finally beginning to enjoy things that come easy for neuro-typical children. We were able to take him to a movie for the first time today! He can finally observe a parade without breaking down into hysterics because of the noise. Work with an O.T. to see what a child with this disorder is like and see how much O.T. can help them before you write us off!

Jun 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

Yes I am an OT and we do have training and an educational background in neuro....

Jun 02, 2010
by: Micah's Mommy

Do you have a child who suffers from SPD?? Walk a mile in my shoes or better yet, my two year old son's shoes and then tell us this is not "real" Deal with the gagging at new textures, the need to seek out oral stimulation by licking everything and anything, The inability to sit still, stand while watching his favorite cartoon or while trying to eat. Don't be narrow minded, this disorder sure does exist!

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