Never been ticklish and can't have people touch me while I sleep and never wanted night light as child and didn't like being touched as child and felt weak for crying

by Cassandra

Growing up I never remember being ticklish, always thought if I cried I was weak. For a long time didn't even like being touched.

Until this day when I sleep I will roll away from people that try to touch me in my sleep to the point of hitting my head and waking up in pain from uncomfortable position during sleep and can't figure out why. I get squished against things but don't know why.

Also have never been ticklish and laugh when I get hurt and have a hard time letting feelings out. I have never been able to sleep with a nightlight on (used to see faces and static with any light on) Does anyone have any idea why I might be having these issues?

Just want to figure things put and would also like suggestions about the sleep thing because I feel bad because my son wants to cuddle up to me and its almost like he needs to feel me while he sleeps. Thanks in advance.

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