New discovery..once my son was diagnosed with SPD


Now that I'm an adult and a parent of a child with SPD, I have realized that I have SPD as well.

As a child, I walked on my tip toes a lot. My parents used to tell me about how we'd go to the playground and I would just sit and watch the other children play. This, I know now, was my body being overstimulated and I went "inward". It was hard for me to make many friends because I wasn't very outgoing. When other kids spoke to me or be-befriended me, I obliged. I also had issues with touching certain types of fabrics and hated washing my hands because of the 'dry' feeling I had afterwards and not wanting to touch things.

As an adult I have learned to work through these things. I still have issues with many and have to work up the 'courage' to do things. Many of my friends today wouldn't believe I was like this as a child.

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